Art & Crazy

Many roles make one creative life:

Dance -

Performance -

Community building -

Initiating -

Music -

Making Business -

Choreography -

Directing -

Cultural consultancy -

Creative Writing -

Business making -

Articles -

Painting -

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Modeling -

Art comes in many forms of expression. From an early age Isolde was brought up to dance, play music, sew wall hangings and simply create. Its a way of life and a blessing to be initiated in it. Art in all its shapes and forms has become something used in her work and private life. Ranging from painting done for relaxing to interior space design both for stage and her spaces at Iwi. Some of it is beautifully finished and ready to be seen, other pieces of art are for the enjoyment of making and playing with inspiration.

'I have learned that structure brings greater creativity because it gives the bounderies from which inspiration comes. Whether doing business, creating a choreography or offering structure in projects as a director, its one of the most useful tools i have found to grow. Stepping out of the box, trying a back door or doing the unexpected got me to many of the places i wanted to be. Not to mention that there is a strange kind of pleasure in something like painting on walls, the kid in me comes out along side the naughty. We shouldn't forget who we are.' - Isolde

Isolde Kanikani